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  • Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    Profile and Portfolio Submission: June 7 - June 21



    No. 202155000

    Designer Call-Up

    Curator: Ou Ning


    For a city, the park is the carrier of the city's history and culture, the museum of the city's development relics, and a part of the city's memory. In the context of the COVID-19, as the epidemic gradually eases, we expect to have public green spaces with high quality and vitality to allow people to walk, stretch, gather, interact, and rediscover the importance of public spaces for social interaction in urban areas. 


    Under the background of "construction of Park City", Sichuan Tianfu New Area sets the optimization and harmony of the relationship between "citizen - park - city" as an important content to create a better life, and upgrade the concept of urban planning from the "park in the city" to the" city in the park" to form the new pattern of the harmonious development of man and nature. In the Headquarter Business District of Tianfu New Area, Sichuan Province, there is a 55,000-square-meter lawn, which is expected to attract more people and become a leisure destination for citizens through space optimization and content planning. The lawn needs: 


    4 Designers


    to join, and team-up

    with the curator Ou Ning

    In the way of curatorial thinking and workshop

    Discuss from multiple perspective:


    Remolding and Continuous Activation of Public Green Space

    Build a New Identity of the City

    with Public Green Space


    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up


    Green Space as City Identity

    Hyde Park

    Hyde Park, which covers an area of 360 acres, was an exclusive deer hunting ground for the royal family until the 18th century, and later became a venue for important political gatherings and other mass events, including the Great Exhibition and the signing of the Hyde Park Agreement. Since the 19th century, Hyde Park has gradually become a popular leisure place for tourists. The natural intimacy between animals and people can be seen everywhere, and the beautiful scenery can be seen against the sun. The riverside scenery is very relaxing, which makes it a perfect place for Londoners to spend weekends.

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    At the same time, Hyde Park has always enjoyed a stable flow of people, not only because of its natural conditions, but also because of the constant renewal and seasonal customization of the park's projects. For example, Winter Wonderland, a winter-limited amusement park, activates the winter time in the form of a small amusement park and a market. Speakers' Corner, near the stone arch, is where speeches are made on Sunday afternoons. The most popular activity is the gun salute ceremony on monarch's birthday. The audience will come to the park from all directions. Every summer, there will be a "seatless concert" to enrich the summer experience of visitors from the cultural and artistic content level.

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    Parc de la Villette

    Parc de la Villette is located in the northeast of Paris, was once used as an abattoir in the 19th century and has been restored since its disuse in 1974. The then French President Francois Mitterrand held a competition for proposals to modernize the city's traditional public spaces, inviting internationally renowned architects such as Zaha and Koolhaas to come up with proposals. Entitled "Urban Parks in the 21st Century," the competition hopes the project will redefine urban parks in a new way.

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    In terms of content, Parc de la Villette hosts a series of events from January to December in its different spaces, from festivals, fairs, exhibitions, concerts, Paris Comic-Con, Oktoberfest, Fantasy Salon, Vegan Pop, and more. At the same time, Cinema en Plein Air Festival in the summer is a highlight of the park: audiences gather on the large lawn surrounding the Grand Halle Hotel and watch outdoor movies on summer nights, sitting on the grass or on deck chairs under the Parisian sky.

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    Kensington Garden & Serpentine Gallery

    Kensington Park, formerly a royal park, is now open to the public and is connected to Hyde Park. The park is elegant, with large tracts of lawn and many artistically manicured green plants. The park has many benches for visitors to relax, and there is also a wide lake where you can see waterfowl, pigeons and squirrels.

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    The Serpentine Gallery, founded in 1970, is located here. It is originally a classical-style teahouse, and now it has become one of London's most popular contemporary art galleries, attracting around 750,000 visitors a year. The gallery has featured artists including Henry Moore, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and others. It also hosts the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, a three-month commissioned temporary structure designed every summer to serve as a venue for events such as parties, exhibitions or lectures. During this period, activity “Park Night”, with the Serpentine Gallery and the Serpentine Pavilion at its core, attracts people to participate in art experiments, performances, music and other public events.

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up



    55,000 m2

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    Tianfu Park Lawn, located in the Sichuan Tianfu New Area, covers an area of about 55000 square meters which can accommodate 13750 people. The lawn can carry small events such as sports, markets, outdoor movie, etc., which attracts people and become citizens' leisure destination. But at the same time, the lawn is expecting an increase in design:

      Optimize the existing facilities  

      Add more public service facilities  

      Add art installations  

    It is expected to bring more convenience to the public and provide possibilities for richer activities and business scenarios covering all time periods in the future. With pioneering design with cultural-sensitive and the sense of quality to build good operating base, with the introduction of public art, increase the art essence, reflect city aesthetics, and through the high quality of cultural activities, art exhibitions, art resides, the introduction of public education, and organization, to attract the public's participation and increase their recognition and a sense of belonging. In the process of continuous optimization and activation, the lawn will be endowed with new meaning, create a new way of life, and shape the contemporary local culture.

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    At the core of CBD of Chengdu Tianfu New Area

    There is a lawn of 55,000 square meters

    It reminds us to look back:

    Re-examine the change of green space

    in the history of urban development

    and the iteration of ideas in people’s cognition

    It points us to the future:

    To construct and shape a new contemporary culture

    through content placement, citizen mobilization and ongoing activation

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    Q: Why Do We Need a Master?

    A: A8 Design Center initiated the No.202155000 Designer Call-Up project to carry out multi-dimensional spatial renovation with curatorial thinking around the master. The renovation of Tianfu Park Lawn is complex and diverse, and requires different abilities; but at the same time, all the renovation is for a common idea and vision, which needs to have a unified tone. Thus, this project adopts the system of "Designer Call-Up", in which the master matches the sub-projects and abilities accordingly, and controls the overall design idea and tonality -- to complete the spatial transformation and improvement with the logic of exhibition planning and curatorial thinking.

    Q:Who Can be the Master?

    A: As the convenor and coordinator, the master should be social and influential, has his/her own media attributes, and has the courage to go beyond his/her career to humanities, design, art and other fields. At the same time, the master will act as the coordinator of the project, to control the understanding and cognition to the overall project, design direction, style, and provide advices accordingly, in order to make the creation of the entire Tianfu Park Lawn not only has unique design, shows the personality and characteristics of the designers, but also has an inherently consistent logic.

    Q:Working Mode?

    A: The Designer Call-Up project will adopt a workshop mode. Designers who can participate in the workshop will be selected by their profiles and protfolios. Through the design workshop, the designers will fully understand the project in the early stage and conduct in-depth communication with the master. After confirming each other's understanding of the project and working methods, the final design team will be formed and participate in the project under the integration of the master. 

    The recruitment of artists and workshop 

    will also be carried out in the later period

    Looking forward to the participation of 4 artists

    to create art installations

    Stay tuned~

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    Ou Ning

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    Artist, Curator, Writer

    Ou Ning is the director of the documentaries San Yuan Li (2003) and Meishi Street (2006); chief curator of the Shenzhen & Hong Kong  Bi-city Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture (2009); jury member of 8th Benesse Prize at 53rd Venice Biennale(2009); member of the Asian Art Council at the Guggenheim Museum(2011); founding chief editor of the literary journal Chutzpah (2010-2014); founder of the Bishan Project (2011-2016); a visiting professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning; and Preservation (2016-2017); and a senior research fellow of the Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research in Boston (2019-2021). His collected writing Utopia in Practice: Bishan Project and Rural Reconstruction is just published by Palgrave Macmillan(2020). 

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    The theme of this design content is the overall improvement of this lawn, which requires an improvement in the user experience while retaining its functional flexibility. Therefore, this project will recruit 4 designers to optimize and transform the entire lawn. On the one hand, redesign the appearance of infrastructure such as air outlets, underground garage walkways, pedestrian walkways, cement pavements, vegetation, etc.; on the other hand, increase necessary public service facilities, such as public toilets, necessary urban furniture such as benches, trash can and so on. It is hoped that through the optimization of relevant process, the experience of citizens will be improved, more people will be attracted, outdoor activities with higher frequency will be activated, and the civic green space as an important public space will be fully activated.

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    The Designer Call-Up project will adopt unique workshop mode. Several designers will be working in the workshop after being selected to discuss the understanding of the project. They will fully communicate, collaborate, and brainstorm together with the master Ou Ning to study the cultural history of Chengdu as well as the positioning of park city's understanding and cognition, to create a borderless public green space with Chengdu's unique culture.

    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up

    When the project is launched, Ou Ning will use online live broadcast to discuss the understanding of the urban commons, the research and preliminary exploration of the history of Chengdu parks, and in-depth analysis of the current situation of the lawn. At the same time, he will also talk about his expectations for the designer team and the vision after the renovation of the  lawn.

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    Ou Ning X A8: Tianfu Park Lawn Designer Call-Up



    June 7

    Project release

    June 7 - June 21

    Designer (office) profiles & portfolios collection

    The deadline for submission is 23:59 on June 21

    June (specific time will be announced)

    Ou Ning's live broadcast

    June 22 - June 26

    Select designers for the workshop

    June 27 - June 29

    A8 Design Center organizes designers' information

    June 30

    Finalists designers announcement

    July 1 - July 8


    July 9 - July 12

    Confirm the final design team

    Make the announcement

    July 13 - August 15

    Designers complete design and submit works

    August 16 - August 19

    Report on the design and confirm the final design



    The total prize is RMB 400,000:

    A total of four designers will be selected, with a prize of RMB 100,000 each.

    * All the above bonuses are pre-tax; the possible travel expenses are not included for the finalists designer; related costs of the finalists designer's developed drawings and the coordination of construction drawings are not included. 



    1. Designers participating in the open call, please send the profiles and portfolios to a8dc@a8dc.cn, and indicate in the title "Tianfu Park Lawn". The staff will reply and confirm the information received within 48 hours after receiving the application email.

    2. The deadline for the submission of profiles and portfolios is 23:59 on June 21, 2021 (Monday);

    3. Participating designers must ensure the authenticity of their profiles and the originality, uniqueness, and the integrity of intellectual property rights of their portfolio;

    4. If you have any questions, please add A8 Design Center WeChat: 187 2846 5309.


    Basic Info

    06-1 Copyright

    In accordance with the relevant Laws of China, the organizer considers that the "contestant" or "author" who voluntarily submits his/her work has made the following irrevocable declaration on the copyright of the submitted work:

    1. Original statement

    The entries are the original works of the entrants and do not infringe any patents, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of anyone else; The work has not been published in newspapers, magazines, websites or other media, has not applied for patents or registered copyrights, has not participated in other competitions, and has not entered commercial channels in any form. Participants guarantee that their entries will not participate in other design competitions or transfer to other parties in the form of the same work for life. Otherwise, the organizer will cancel its qualifications for participation, shortlisting, and awards, withdraw bonuses, prizes, and reserve the right to pursue legal liabilities.

    2. Attribution of intellectual property rights of entries

    When the author submits a work, he agrees to permanently grant the copyright of the entry to the contest organizer, and the contest organizer can exercise other copyright rights in addition to the author’s authorship, including but not limited to free redesign, use, copying, production, and display of the contest work , publishing and publicity,etc. No other unit or individual may transfer, copy, reprint, disseminate, or extract works in any form without authorization.

    3. Review interpretation right

    Based on the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness, the jury has the final right to interpret and judge this event. If there is a dispute about a work, contestants can call the organizing committee to report it and provide corresponding evidence as supporting evidence (such as plagiarism Document), once verified, the qualifications, certificates and trophies of the winners will be cancelled.

    06-2 Organizers


    Management Committee of Headquarter Business District Tianfu New Area, Sichuan Province


    Tianfu Investment Group Co., Ltd

    A8 Design Center

    Plan and Execution

    A8 Design Center